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Distributor Wanted

Posted : 30+ days old

Location : HURSTVILLE-NSW-2220 (NSW - Sydney)

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We are all about helping people live healthier, while building up personal confident and sociability......check out our range of products, sure you are feeling happier and healthier.
To educate women and men about their health and provide 1st quality grade products to support them.
Winalite International works hard to make products which improves everyday living of every human beings in making products more health caring and environment friendly manufactured in the mostly natural way possible with 1st quality grade manufacturing materials.

Our aim is to provide efficient and 1st grade products on the market which has the intent of improving the unpleasant symptoms which women get when having menses such as :

pain, irritations, fatigue,stress, nausea, uncomfortable feeling, infections in some cases, unwanted cramps, unpleasant odors and the power of anions provides energy to the person to ensure that the body of the person is strengthened on the metabolism side and reinforcing endocrine and even repairing it in menses where women metabolism and endocrine is diminished consequently. 

Anion Sanitary Pads have helped many people quickly overcome all sorts of conditions - so common that most women think that they just have to live with it - things like PMS, headaches, back aches and lethargy - many women think there is nothing they can do about it, so they just put up with it. 

When using the Anions Sanitary Pads, all unpleasant symptoms which women get are eradicated from the body in the most natural way. This will work by using the product long term. 

These products are of course at a very affordable price and for more information, contact me and it will be my pleasure to give you more information. 

Winalite International believes in the growth of partners all around the world and we are ready to support anyone who will be interested in joining us and doing the great job we do in helping people to protect their health at a cheap cost and gaining a good revenue on product sales.


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